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Welcome to BLR

Free Lightwave3D files! Ranging from object to scenes to images and what not. Enjoy!

BLR is part of Liberty3D

Wanna help us out ?

You feel like sharing and contributing to the Lightwave community ?

Do you have some High quality objects, scenes, textures, presets that you want to share with the community ? Perhaps you have a large collection of objects or photographs that you do not use and wouldn't mind sharing?


Give something back to the Lightwave community and upload them here at BLR.

Use the contact form if you have any question and use the green "+" key to Upload the content you would like to share. If you are logged in you can also just press CTRL-SHIFT-U to directly go to the upload page.


Here's a video to guide you through the process :

Updated: 2011/12/7 14:37
Author: admin2011/12/7 9:27 Published in: News
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