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Welcome to BLR

Free Lightwave3D files! Ranging from object to scenes to images and what not. Enjoy!

BLR is part of Liberty3D

Benelux Lightwave Resource now part of Liberty3D

Effective immediately: Benelux Lightwave Resource (BLR) is now part of Liberty3D.

We are very proud to announce that effective immediately the Benelux LightWave Resource is now part of Liberty3D.
The Benelux LightWave Resource website (or short BLR) used to be a full blown community based website and is now transformed into a file repository for anything LightWave3D related.

One of the reasons talks came about between the two parties, was because the owner of the BLR website still wanted to offer community support for the well over 400 500 members.

About Liberty3D

This site was founded by artists for artists who make a living by creating various forms of art.

Most of us are industry professionals with decades of experience working freelance or in major studios on major productions that you have more than likely seen on TV or on the big screen or played on a console. The rest of us do this because we love it but hate our day jobs equally so.

In other words, we have worked for the man, and then some. We love our freedom, but we also love being paid and doing great work.

Which is why the freedom to be able to create is nothing without the ability to ensure that one can continue to do so.  That means being able to feed yourself and your loved ones  while keeping your tools and skills sharp. That’s getting hard to do these days but there is a beacon of light out there. Independence and innovation.

Our artists are independent but work together to make things better for themselves as a choice. Our philosophy is simple,  really. is a site where professionals in the field of VFX, Games, Arch-vis, you name it – who make use of 3D technology can get together to make great things happen while remaining independent for the sake of their ability to continue to be creative. That’s the innovation part.

We thank you for coming by and checking out our site, and we hope that our efforts as artists are able to contribute to your efforts.   We recognize the strengths of the individual and how that contributes to the greater good.

After all, when someone tells you how to think, is it you who are being creative on your own – or someone else pulling the strings?  We provide the information that you have the choice to use or not in a way you feel is best. That is freedom. For people like us, that’s

About the Benelux Resource Website

The BLR website offers very high quality LightWave assets for over 5 years including scene files, objects, textures and more. HDR Images and hard to find Plugins are stored as well. And it’s all free! Add a detailed search engine, tags and notifications options to the list and you get a pretty amazing free gem.

Updated: 2011/12/7 9:37
Author: admin2011/10/15 13:00 Published in: News
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