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Submitted Date 2011/12/7 Submitted by: admin
Worn weathered wood textures


2 High Quality Worn wood textures

  • Wood_pallet_weathered.jpg 1731 x 2014
  • Wood_Gate_Weathered.jpg 1926 x 2110
Submitted Date 2011/12/17 Submitted by: admin
Weathered gate



Weathered wooden gate

Submitted Date 2012/1/7 Submitted by: admin
Old planks


Included are a colourmap, diffuse- and bumpmap.

Posted with permission!


All data included in this zip file is freely licensed to you (the user) to be used for the production of digital imagery and animation.  At all times, this data is the property of Kevin Phillips.  At no time does this data become the property of the user.

By downloading and unzipping these files, you have agreed that:

(a) The data will NOT be re-distributed in any way, including internet, cd rom, diskette, email, LAN, hard drive or any other means of duplication and distribution without the written permission of Kevin Phillips.  It is FORBIDDEN to sell or include these files in any collection, cd rom archive or other form without written permission.  You may, however, back up these files for your own personal use.

(b) The data will only be used in the creation of your own artwork.  A courtesy of credit should be given if this material is used in a commercial project of any kind...

(c) You use this data at your own risk.  You will not hold Kevin Phillips or responsible for any kind of data loss, corruption, damage to systems or other incidents arising from the use of this data.