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 Popular Submitted Date 2011/11/21 Submitted by: admin
Thickener 3.5

[updated version of Thickener - Compatible with LW 9.3 up to LW 11. Both PC and MAC. On the MAC the interactive preview is a bit slower, but works!]

 _______ _     _      _                       
|__   __| |   (_)    | |                      
   | |  | |__  _  ___| | _____ _ __   ___ _ __
   | |  | '_ \| |/ __| |/ / _ \ '_ \ / _ \ '__|
   | |  | | | | | (__|   <  __/ | | |  __/ |  
   |_|  |_| |_|_|\___|_|\_\___|_| |_|\___|_|  
========== Making fat polys since 2002 ========                              

Thickener extrudes polygons along their normals
and turns them into a shell with real thickness.

- respects polygon selections
- remembers last used settings
- works well with subpatches
- interactive preview
- negative thickness flips extrude direction
- merges points afterwards
- choice of selection afterwards
(useful to bandsaw the seam or change surface)
Requirements: Lightwave Modeler 9.3 - 11
Installation: Add as plugin and assign a button.
Known Issues: Interactive Preview on Mac is slow.

This plugin is free. You can buy me a beer
via Paypal at
or us the paypal button on the right.

Christian Bloch

 Popular Submitted Date 2011/10/15 Submitted by: admin
CM tools

Various plugins from Carl Merrit.

Posted here because I find them to be a huge asset during modeling and they are not easy to come by. They all split polygons into quads and tris

Included in the archive:

  • CM_POLYDIVIDE .lsc and .ls
  • CM_POLYSUBDIVIDE .lsc and .ls
  • CM_POLYFANSUBDIVIDE .lsc and .ls

 Popular Submitted Date 2011/10/5 Submitted by: admin

C4 is a Lightwave 7.5+ tool, designed to break up and explode closed volume objects. It consists of 2 plugins : "C4 : Destruct" is a Modeler plugin that randomly breaks up objects based on several user-adjustable parameters. "C4 : Detonate" is a Layout plugin, that handles the actual explosion (animation) of the broken-up object, based on dynamics calculations as well as extensive user control.

C4 can accurately calculate and use physical properties such as mass & centers of gravity for broken up objects, and use them to assist in a more realistic explosion simulation.

 Popular Submitted Date 2011/10/5 Submitted by: admin

SG_Explosion2 is an Object Displacement plug-in for Lightwave 6.5b/7.x (PC) that blows objects apart.

Has a "how-to-use" PDF document included

 Popular Submitted Date 2011/10/5 Submitted by: admin

'Crack It! v0.3.1',
'Distribute v0.1.3' and
'Merge High Layers v0.1.3'

Available version: LW 6.5b 7.0, 7.5

In the archive:
readme.txt        : this file
readmej.txt         : text in Japanese        : Crack It! (Updated)        : Distribute    : Merge High Layers

These are modeler LScripts.

=== Crack It!
This is a object cracker for 'SG_Explosion2'.

- The cross sections cut by it are not flat.
- Sorry, it works very slowly.

v0.2.0 can make gap between pieces.
v0.2.1 sets pieces pivots to each bounding center.
If you are lucky, v0.2.2 can crack a non-closing object.
v0.3.0 has two new options.
At v0.3.1, script error on '6.5b/Lscript2.2' has been fixed.

=== Distribute
This is object parts distributor.
v0.1.2 can set parts pivots to each bounding center.
v0.1.3 have a panel. Default action is 'no move pivot'.

=== Merge High Layers
This merges higher layers than FG layer.
v0.1.1 sets empty layers pivots to origin and merged FG to
bounding center.
v0.1.2 has progress monitor.

                                              Mar. 19 2003
                          Fujio Ichikawa / Yokohama, Japan
    my page:

Submitted Date 2011/11/10 Submitted by: admin

This is version 3 of the Thickener plugin.

If you are looking for a version compatible with Lightwave 9.3 and up, go download version 3.5 here.



The Thickener adds thickness to connected polygons, turning them into a solid. Unlike a simple extrude this works in the normal direction, effectively creating a constant thickness. The Thickener works well with subpatches and polygon selections.

Updates: Version 3:
Works with LightWave 9. Backwards compatible down to 7 (dude, you still should upgrade!)
Correctly merges the hull when you thicken selected polygons only. The Preview doesn't show that, but they will be merged after you hit OK. Unselected polygons remain untouched, because they might be unwelded for a reason.
You can choose what will be selected when its done. This is useful, when you want to apply a separate surface to the seam or the inside, or add subdivision with the Bandsaw tool.
In LW9 the Thickener takes up only one Undo.

Updates: New features in Version 2:
Now you have a minislider, cause everybody just loves those cute little widgets. The slider is limited to a thickness of one meter, but you can enter any other value numerically. Negative values automatically switch polarity, and thicken to the inside. Also, the thickener now remembers your last settings.
But the coolest thing is: Now you get an interactive Preview!!

DISCLAIMER: This LScript is provided free of charge. Use it at your own risk, and don't blame me for anything going wrong. I appreciate any bugreports and feature wishes, but I am not responsible for any loss of data, time, or sanity.
That beeing said, Enjoy!

 Popular Submitted Date 2012/2/15 Submitted by: admin
Polygon Coloring All versions

This plug-in will help you create wireframe renders of subdivided models. It is a modeler plugin and it does not render anything on its own. It sets up surfaces in such a way that it allows you to use Lightwave's standard "surface borders" in layout/object edge properties to show the subdivided wireframe.

The main and perhaps the only purpose of this plug-in is to help people render wireframes of their subdivided models.
This modeler plug-in does not render anything on its own. It only sets up surfaces in such a way that it allows you to use Lightwave's standard "surface borders" in layout/object edge properties to show the subdivided wireframe.

Rather than giving each polygon a unique surface this plug-in tries to find a low number of surfaces sufficient to "color" object in such a way that there are no two polygons with the same surface sharing an edge, hence the plug-in's name.
The idea is based on the well known "how to color a map with 4 colors" problem. It is less elaborate as it does not search for the best solution. Such search would not be as fast and you, the user, would probably not care for it too much.
In certain simple cases it actually may find the best solution. Overall, it does not guarantee the lowest number of surfaces possible, but the number of surfaces created is usually low enough to be handled efficiently by Lightwave as well as by the user.

This archive includes 6 versions of PolygonColoring.
For both PC (32b and 64b) as well as MAC versions.

Polygon Coloring 1.0 for Lightwave 8.x+ (Win32) :
Polygon Coloring 1.0 for Lightwave 9.x+ (Win64) :
Polygon Coloring 1.0 for Lightwave 7.x (Win32) :

Polygon Coloring 1.0.2 for Lightwave 8.x+ (OSX) : awPolygonColoring.sit
Polygon Coloring 1.0.2 for Lightwave 9.x+ (Universal Binary) :
Polygon Coloring 1.0.2 for Lightwave 9.x+ (Universal Binary, alt.) :

General readme (every archive has its own readme)
Note: You will have to use "classic camera" in lightwave 9.x prior to 9.3 in order to render surface borders in layout. This limitation has been fixed in Lightware 9.3 or later.