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Thickener 3

This is version 3 of the Thickener plugin.

If you are looking for a version compatible with Lightwave 9.3 and up, go download version 3.5 here.



The Thickener adds thickness to connected polygons, turning them into a solid. Unlike a simple extrude this works in the normal direction, effectively creating a constant thickness. The Thickener works well with subpatches and polygon selections.

Updates: Version 3:
Works with LightWave 9. Backwards compatible down to 7 (dude, you still should upgrade!)
Correctly merges the hull when you thicken selected polygons only. The Preview doesn't show that, but they will be merged after you hit OK. Unselected polygons remain untouched, because they might be unwelded for a reason.
You can choose what will be selected when its done. This is useful, when you want to apply a separate surface to the seam or the inside, or add subdivision with the Bandsaw tool.
In LW9 the Thickener takes up only one Undo.

Updates: New features in Version 2:
Now you have a minislider, cause everybody just loves those cute little widgets. The slider is limited to a thickness of one meter, but you can enter any other value numerically. Negative values automatically switch polarity, and thicken to the inside. Also, the thickener now remembers your last settings.
But the coolest thing is: Now you get an interactive Preview!!

DISCLAIMER: This LScript is provided free of charge. Use it at your own risk, and don't blame me for anything going wrong. I appreciate any bugreports and feature wishes, but I am not responsible for any loss of data, time, or sanity.
That beeing said, Enjoy!

Submitted Date:2011/11/10
Submitted by:admin
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 Filetype: zip
 Home Page: Here
 Version: 3
 File size: 12.2 kB
 Compatible: LW9.3, LW8, LW7, LW6, LW5, LW4
 Author: Christian Bloch
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