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Crack it - Distribute - Merge High Layers


'Crack It! v0.3.1',
'Distribute v0.1.3' and
'Merge High Layers v0.1.3'

Available version: LW 6.5b 7.0, 7.5

In the archive:
readme.txt        : this file
readmej.txt         : text in Japanese        : Crack It! (Updated)        : Distribute    : Merge High Layers

These are modeler LScripts.

=== Crack It!
This is a object cracker for 'SG_Explosion2'.

- The cross sections cut by it are not flat.
- Sorry, it works very slowly.

v0.2.0 can make gap between pieces.
v0.2.1 sets pieces pivots to each bounding center.
If you are lucky, v0.2.2 can crack a non-closing object.
v0.3.0 has two new options.
At v0.3.1, script error on '6.5b/Lscript2.2' has been fixed.

=== Distribute
This is object parts distributor.
v0.1.2 can set parts pivots to each bounding center.
v0.1.3 have a panel. Default action is 'no move pivot'.

=== Merge High Layers
This merges higher layers than FG layer.
v0.1.1 sets empty layers pivots to origin and merged FG to
bounding center.
v0.1.2 has progress monitor.

                                              Mar. 19 2003
                          Fujio Ichikawa / Yokohama, Japan
    my page:

Submitted Date:2011/10/5
Submitted by:admin
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 Filetype: zip
 Home Page: Here
 Version: 0.3.1 - 0.
 File size: 8.37 kB
 Compatible: LW7, LW6
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